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Business snapshots: JK Computers

JK Consulting has been featured in KPC News highlighting how our Chicago-based technology consulting company provides the tech help you need when you find yourself in a computer quandary. While

The Week in Breach News: 2/17/21 – 2/23/21

From Kia hitting a ransomware bump in the road to Underwriters Laboratories’ fail and Simon Fraser University back for another cyberattack. Read this week’s cyber news from around the world.

The Week in Breach News: 2/10/21 – 2/16/21

A Florida municipal water plant breach raises alarm, ransomware impacts hospital care in France, our special look at 3 ways that MSPs and SMBs can work together to fight ransomware

How Much is Your Company’s Data Worth?

Recently, with their businesses stricken by the Covid-19 pandemic, both United Airlines and American Airlines have secured multi-billion dollar loans by collateralizing their MileagePlus and AAdvantage customer loyalty programs, respectively.

The Week in Breach News: 2/3/21 – 2/9/21

From Spotify being hit with the second credential-stuffing attack in the last three months, to Washington State’s unemployment claims data hack, here’s what you need to know about the latest

The 10 biggest security breaches from unpatched software

We are all well aware of the ramifications unpatched software brings upon an organization. They cause security breaches. The bad reputation, the loss of business, and the millions and millions of dollars