Home & Business Technology Solutions

Home & Business Solutions

JK Consulting began providing Managed Services in 2006 and we have been expanding our portfolio of services ever since. We can do it all from planning to installing cables and setting up servers and workstations. Let JK be your systems administrator. Just because you have a network doesn’t mean you have to employ additional service staff. JK can provide server and systems administration services that will place an engineer at your site on an “as needed” basis. We will help develop a plan based on your company size that will fit your needs as well as your budget.

  • Corporate IT Consulting including desktops, servers, network equipment and VoIP phone systems
  • Internet and Phone Service Brokerage
  • Web Design and Hosting Plans
  • Microsoft Windows and MAC support
  • Network Design
  • 24/7 Call Center
  • Internet Security Setup
  • VPN / Firewall Installation, Configuration, and Support
  • Wireless Networking
  • Adult Content Filtering for Children
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Virus Removal
  • Adware and Spyware Removal
  • Copier/Printer leasing programs
  • VoIP phone system sales and support
  • Hosted e-mail systems

Managed IT Services

Design | Procurement | Installation | Management | Monitoring | 24/7 Support | Maintenance

Leverage Predictable, Budgeted, Fully Managed Business Technology

Businesses today rely on technology to remain competitive. Your network, computers, mobile devices, and cloud assets are mission-critical to your operation and profitability. Our team has designed an IT “Best Practices” support plan based upon our extensive experience, that provides you with all the security, IT management, maintenance, and operational monitoring your business requires within an easily budgeted, monthly subscription format.

Our focus is to keep your systems operational and available so that you can focus your efforts on the demands of growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We want to help you realize the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your computer systems.

  • It’s not just about monitoring, that just lets you know something is wrong.
  • It’s not just about remote access to your systems to troubleshoot issues.
  • It’s about a proactive preventative approach to keeping your systems up, running and available.

PC and MAC Services

  • PC and MAC Setup and Installation
  • PC and MAC Repair and Maintenance
  • Local and Offsite Backup Services
  • Windows Updates
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Hardware and Software Installation
  • Pop-up Ad Removal
  • Wireless Networking
  • Custom Built PC’s
  • Remote Computer Access

Server Services

  • Windows and Linux Server Design, Installation, Configuration and Support
  • E-mail Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Local and offsite backup services
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Repairs and Upgrades

Web Site and Graphic Design Services

  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Web Hosting Plans
  • Search Engine Submittal
  • HTML/Flash/PhP/.NET
  • Data-driven sites
  • On-line Surveys
  • Company Logos

Local Area Network Services

  • Network Design
  • Network Installation
  • Network Configuration
  • Network Support
  • Wireless Network Setup

Data and Phone Network Cabling

  • CAT3
  • CAT5
  • CAT5E
  • CAT6

VoIP Phone Systems

  • Support for Existing and New Systems
  • Intercom Capability
  • Voicemail Capability
  • Auto-attendants
  • Call Center Software

Wide Area Network Services

  • Firewall Configuration
  • Router Configuration
  • VPN Setup
  • WAN Design, Installation, Configuration and Support


  • SD-WAN
  • Direct Connect
  • MPLS
  • VPLS
  • EPL
  • VPN

Internet Brokerage Service – Multiple Carrier Options

  • Fiber
  • DS3 or T3
  • DS1 or T1
  • Cable
  • DSL
  • Wireless or Satellite
  • Ethernet

Data Recovery Services

Our engineers recover data in as little as 24 hours from all operating systems and rotating media including hard drives, NAS, SAN and RAID systems, tape, cartridges, floppies, CD, DVD, flash memory and digital film. JK Consulting is authorized by all hard drive manufacturers to open the sealed drive mechanisms without voiding the original warranty.

Our pricing is based on the drive capacity, the operating system, and the complexity of the recovery. JK Consulting will never exceed the maximum amount quoted.

* Standard 1-2 Business Day Service: $900-$3900.
* Economy 5-7 Business Day Service: $500-$2700.
There is a $200.00 attempt fee if the data is not recoverable.
* Priority Round-the-Clock/Weekend Service: $1800-8900, with an $800.00 attempt fee.

Recovered data can be put on the media of your choice such as a replacement drive, CD, DVD, DAT tape, magneto-optical or removable media cartridges and floppies.


  • Project Management for Expansions and Relocations
  • Print Cartridge removal and recycling
  • Obsolete PC Removal
  • Product Selection Assistance
  • FREE Electronic Recycling for Customers

Telecom, Internet & Voice Assessment

JK Consulting has added telecom, internet, and network service options to our portfolio.  We are extending a FREE assessment opportunity to our customers, partners, and associates.  The assessment will review your current telecom, internet, and network infrastructure to help you evaluate what solution upgrades or cost savings opportunities may be available to you.

We typically save our clients between 20% and 40% on their technology services.

Managed Cyber Security Services

Security Programs: Strategically develop your Systems Security Plan to identify the requirements to maintain a secure cyber posture and effectively run your IT Systems to the organizational needs.

Security Architecture and Implementation: We can help you navigate the complexities of IT environments to meet and maintain compliance standards

Compliance Requirements: NIST? PCI? HIPAA? Proving compliance is one thing, maintaining compliance is another. JK Consulting has the tools to bring your organization into compliance and keep you there.

IT / Security Training: Solutions that address everything from those annoying phishing emails to identifying insider threats. The organization is only as strong as its weakest link.

Enterprise Incident Management: We can move from crisis to continuity. Our team has the experience and training to neutralize threats and get your business running again. With the proper continuity plan, downtime can be measured in minutes, not days.

Managed Security Services: Our team serves as a remote extension of your company to improve defenses, provide security response, and lend our expertise in an ever-shifting security landscape.

WiFi Network Design, Installation and Service.

JK Consulting provides WiFi Network Design and Installation services for your home or business.

Wi-Fi has changed the way the world operates and communicates. WiFi has continually improved over the years with each generation bringing faster speeds, lower latency, and better user experiences in a multitude of environments and with a variety of device types.